Our Mission

The purpose and function of this organization is to provide a 24-hour community Ambulance Service to the Resident, Vistors and Transients in the Town of Stony Point, NY

Volunteer Today!

Stony Point Ambulance is constantly looking for Members. Be part of a team, something greater, and help give back to our community. If you are interested Click Here to submit your information and request an Application for Membership

Youth Squad

The Stony Point Youth squad is made up of men and women from ages 14-18 years old. They are trained on first aid, CPR, broken bones, and so much more in preparation of becoming EMTs. If you are looking to become a part of this Squad Click Here to request for Information on how to join!

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If you are looking for more information regarding Membership or if you have billing inquiries, please don’t hesitate to Contact Us.

Upcoming Events & Training

Keep an eye on this Section as for we post Upcoming Events and Training open to the Public!